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"I'm a Mom, Business Woman, America First Patriot, and a native of Colorado."

- Laurel Imer

Laurel Imer is a candidate for Republican National Committeewoman of Colorado! Most recently she was a candidate for the Republican nomination in CO-07 in 2022. In 2020 Laurel was hand-picked by President Donald J. Trump and his team to be his delegate to the Republican National Convention for Congressional District 7. Laurel served as Jefferson County Chair for the Donald Trump Campaign in 2016. Laurel was also picked by President Trump and his team to be one of Colorado's 9 Republican Presidential Electors at the Electoral College for the 2016 Presidential Election. When elected Laurel will work on behalf of the Grass Roots of Colorado to ensure the RNC is doing everything it can to stop the radical left and to continue to advocate for the policies of President Donald J. Trump. Laurel is laser-focused on ending human trafficking, completing the southern border wall, securing election integrity, and Making America Great Again. With your help, we can Save America!

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