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2022 CD7 Endorsements of Laurel Imer:


Laurel Imer is my friend and an America First patriot. Colorado and the American People can trust Laurel to fight for election integrity and the America First policies that made America Great Again! Let's Save America!

Dr. Kelli Ward
Arizona GOP Chairwoman &
Former Candidate for US Senate

278448105_503107631270209_576857157810547409_n (1).jpg

I support the Republicans that are truly committed to the cause of advancing conservative principles. Non-stop, full steam ahead. I've known Laurel Imer for years and believe she will not waiver from defending America's founding principles.

Jeff Hunt
Colorado Conservative Activist
and Commentator


I had the pleasure of meeting Laurel Imer at the Inauguration of President Donald Trump in 2017 and have known to count on her as a friend and ally who stands to protect America’s borders. She’s someone I can count on to kick down the door with me to fight for America First.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Former Sheriff of Maricopa County


Laurel has my enthusiastic endorsement. She’s rock solid on the issues, and also understands that election integrity is key to having a government under the control of we, the sovereign people of the United States.

Dr. John C. Eastman
Former Attorney for President Donald J. Trump


I am proud to endorse and support Laurel Imer as she takes on the massive challenge of running for congress in CD7. You give us hope and You have my full support!

Tom Tancredo
Former Congressman CO-06


I am proud to endorse Laurel Imer for Congress in CO-07. She is the true America First Candidate in the race. I urge Colorado to get out and vote for her — She will be a FIREBRAND on Capitol Hill!

Benny Johnson
Chief Creative Officer at Turning Point USA
& Host of the Benny Report on Newsmax


I Joy Villa, am officially endorsing Laurel Imer for US Congress in CO-07! I have known Laurel for many years. I have hosted her and her son at my home in Hollywood, I have attended events for her in Colorado, and we have become lifelong friends all thanks to President Trump. As a mother, businesswoman, community leader, and a patriot, Laurel knows what it takes to drain the swamp and clean up Washington DC! I am proud to support Laurel in this race and I encourage you to do the same.

Joy Villa
Actress, Singer-Songwriter &
Outspoken Supporter of President Trump


It is my honor to endorse my friend Laurel Imer for US Congress in CO-07. Laurel is a conservative stalwart and will take Colorado’s Conservative values to the US House of Representatives. It has never been more important to elect true grassroots conservatives to represent us in Washington and I know that Laurel will be that guardian at the gate of freedom that we all need so desperately right now. I am proud to join my former colleagues Dave Williams, Shane Sandridge, Tim Leonard, and the many others who have joined me in endorsing Laurel in her race. Best of luck to you, my friend!

Patrick Neville
Colorado State Representative HD-45 & Former Republican House Minority Leader

Williams-CO-17 1 (002).jpg

Laurel Imer is a true America First Republican and an unwavering supporter of President Donald Trump. With the dust still settling from the Virginia and New Jersey elections, it's becoming increasingly clear that voters across the country are ready to reject Joe Biden and his socialist agenda, which only works to indoctrinate our kids to hate America through Critical Race Theory, endanger our communities by being soft on crime, and make groceries and goods more unaffordable as the cost of living rises. Ed Perlmutter is a part of the problem and needs to be replaced with a public servant who will work hard to restore balance to Washington D.C. while reforming a broken system that has left hard-working Americans behind. Please join me in supporting Laurel Imer in her bid to flip Congressional District 7 so that Republicans across the country can reclaim the Majority and fire Nancy Pelosi. 

Dave Williams
Colorado State Representative, HD-15


As a Representative in the State House, I know what it takes to fight the radical left. I know that Laurel Imer has what it takes and will stand up and fight for our American way of life, and that she will never back down in the fight to save America. I am proud to endorse Laurel Imer for Colorado’s 7th Congressional District.

Shane Sandridge
Colorado State Representative HD-14


If you want a fighter for education in Washington DC, look no further than Laurel Imer. I have known Laurel for several years and know she has the best interest of parents and students as her compass.  As a homeschool mom, she knows the sacrifice it takes to keep your kids safe. Safe from racist teaching, from gender-bending ideas, and from Marxist indoctrination. She will stand up tirelessly to protect parental rights and your choice to educate your children as you see fit.  Her experience in the real world, as one of us and a grassroots mom — not a politician — is what makes her the best choice in CD7.  It is time to elect real people with common sense.  I support Laurel Imer and know she will not disappoint us when she gets in office.

Tim Leonard
Former Colorado State Representative, HD-25

Sen. Schutheis Headshot.jpg

Among the many issues facing our country currently, there are three that, if not solved…and soon…may very well mean the end of our constitutional republic; they are Illegal Immigration, Voter Integrity, and K-12 public education. I am convinced that Laurel Imer will take these on with the force most congressmen have never exhibited. The degree of her desire and commitment to put America First is rarely found in a candidate. I am convinced that there is no issue she will not fight for with all the energy and strength she can muster. Every issue we hold dear is under attack; we need Laurel Imer to stand in the gap for us. CD7 citizens are fortunate Laurel is their candidate."

Dave Schultheis
Former Colorado State Senator, SD-09 &
Ambassador at Alliance Defending Freedom


My choice for CD7 is Laurel Imer. Her two competitors are both strong candidates, but Laurel is the America First candidate who has worked hard and will, in my opinion, best fight for our rights in Congress.

Kevin Lundberg
Former Colorado State Senator, SD-15 &
Executive Director of the Republican Study Committee
of Colorado


People always ask me what the most important thing is in a candidate for office. To me, it's not about personality, but it is always about the policies that the candidate will fight for and represent. It also is about honesty and integrity. We don't need an "exceptional" candidate. What we need is a fighter that will always put America First. Laurel Imer is that fighter and I am proud to endorse her in the CO-07 race! Laurel has been a friend and fierce fighter for many years and will continue to be that fighter when she gets to Washington DC.

TIm Neville
Former Colorado State Senator, SD-16 &
Legislative Director of Colorado Liberty (Scorecard) Republicans


I have endorsed Laurel Imer for US Congress in CD-7 because she believes in America First values and has solidly demonstrated her willingness to work for Coloradans. I’m confident in Laurel’s ability to listen to the people of CD-7 and lead in Congress with courage and tenacity.

Darcy Shoening
The Town of Monument, CO

Walt and Ramey (1).jpg

I stand with Laurel Imer because she is a woman of determination, “grit” and a tireless campaigner.  Laurel will never back down or compromise her beliefs, values, or principles. She has been working tirelessly to turn CD-7 to the Republican side of the aisle.  Laurel has solid Republican credentials and isn’t afraid of the hard work it will take to have the district actually represented.  Laurel has the ability, energy, motivation, and strength of character.  She isn’t afraid to stand up to anything or anybody.   No one can bully her.

Ramey Johnson
Former State Representative &
Former Member of the Lakewood City Council


The one thing I'm known for is truth and Laurel Imer is the real deal and she has my full endorsement for Congress. I don't know that she needs it but when she asked me if I would endorse her I said absolutely. I hope that the people of Colorado will vote for her and put the candidate that is smart, that stands for everything we stand for as conservatives and that's for Truth. This election isn't about politics. It's about sending someone to DC that will do the right things. I know Laurel will represent CD7 above and beyond the call of duty and she has my full endorsement!

Kevin Jackson
Former Fox News Contributor, Entrepreneur and Best Selling Author


Laurel Imer is my choice for Colorado's 7th Congressional District! Laurel is my choice because she keeps her word and she believes in our Constitutional rights.

John Bandimere Jr.
Owner of Bandimere Speedway


It is my honor to endorse Laurel Imer for US Congress. As a fellow Chair for the 2016 Trump Campaign, that brought our party back into the political fight, I witnessed the truth-loving fight and tenacity of this Colorado and CD7 Native. Her eyes are opened, and her goals are true and just. She fights for each individual who demands the freedoms that our Founding Fathers were willing to die for and enabled the building of this great county, that so many want to be part of.  She will fight for the science of this Great American Experiment and will not be corrupted by Global powers for failure. Fight for your Freedom and Vote Laurel Imer for Congress! God Bless our Great Centennial State and God Bless America!

Stephen Barlock
2018 Candidate for CO Governor &
Former Chair of the Denver County Trump Campaign

263746405_433416048286547_7879856201833922483_n (1).png

I am proud to endorse my mom, Laurel Imer for United States Congress in CO-07! In the face of attacks from the radical left and even members of her own party, she has always stood true to her values and never backed down. She has my complete and total endorsement as a former Trump campaign official and surrogate.

Weston D. Imer
Former Trump Campaign Official &

Director, Pleasant View Water and Sanitation District


We believe in everything that Laurel Imer stands for. She is a wonderful person, she knows exactly what the issues are and she's going to fight for every single person on this planet whether you're a Republican or Democrat she'll fight for you too. On behalf of Dirty Dogs Roadhouse, I Mark Miklos, and I, Rob Tompkins wholeheartedly endorse Laurel Imer for US Congress in Congressional District 7.

Rob Tompkins & Mark Miklos
Owners of Dirty Dogs Roadhouse
(Pictured left to right)


From one patriot to another, I wholeheartedly endorse Laurel Imer for U.S. Congress! Laurel represents my values and I would be proud to have her representing Colorado!

Jeff Tomczak
Owner of Rocky Mountain Flag Company

Anil Mathai's Headshot (22 April 2021).jpg

We need a God and America loving patriot who has the constitutional, conservative principles AND courage to fight the communist democrats and RINOs before US, so that our children will be left with a great America.

 Laurel Imer is that person and she will help return CD7 back to our Constitution and Conservative Principles! She is the person we need in Congress today. Vote for her and tell everyone in CD7 to do the same! Thanks and God bless!

Anil Mathai
Fmr. Chair of Adams County, CO GOP
Member of the State Central Committee


During my time as Executive Committee rep from CD7, I watched Laurel Imer courageously take on the toughest decisions without flinching on behalf of the residents of the District. If elected to Congress she is one of the few people in politics today who I am confident would not become part of the DC swamp and stay true to her grassroots conservative principles. I endorse her without equivocation.

Chuck Bonniwell
Host of The Chuck and Julie Show
Former Representative to the Colorado GOP Executive Committee from CD7


While most politicians talk the talk, Laurel Imer has walked the walk as long as I’ve known her.  She stood shoulder to shoulder with me and other community members at a Back The Blue rally despite Antifa threats and attacks.  She has been a strong supporter of Donald Trump and MAGA values from the beginning.  And as a parent, I especially appreciate the way she has stood up for and fought for parents’ rights.  She has my wholehearted endorsement.

Julie Hayden
Host of The Chuck and Julie Show
Emmy award-winning Colorado Journalist


Laurel Imer has served veterans for many years through her involvement with the VFW and American Legion. She believes that America is hope. It is compassion. It is excellence. It is valor. And she believes that America owes a great debt to our veterans who fought in wars, campaigns, and expeditions on land, water, and in airspace. She believes in a strong and well-funded military and national defense to ensure America’s future.

Veterans For America First


CTFT is proud to endorse Laurel Imer for Congress. Laurel exemplifies everything that President Trump has worked for during his term. We are proud to support America First candidates like Laurel.

Colorado Teens for Trump

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