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Endorsements of Laurel Imer for Republican National Committeewoman of Colorado

Dr. Kelli Ward

Former Arizona GOP Chairwoman, Former Candidate for US Senate, and Political Commentator

"I am proud to once again endorse my friend Laurel Imer as she steps into the political arena. As a former member of the Republican National Committee, I can attest to how much change is needed at the National Party level. During my time as Chair of the AZ GOP, we made valiant strides to reshape the RNC in the image of the grassroots, and with Laurel Representing Colorado with the likes of Randy Corporon and Dave Williams, we can retake the RNC for good! I strongly encourage you to run to be a delegate at the caucus and vote for Laurel Imer for Republican National Committeewoman for Colorado!"


Tom Tancredo

Former Congressman CO-06

"Laurel is a dear friend and ally in the fight to save our country. I firmly believe that she will be a great voice for the grassroots of Colorado on the RNC just like my friend, Committeeman Randy Corporon has been!"

Dick Heller

Gun Rights Activist "Heller V. DC"

"We sure need more Freedom Loving Patriots like Laurel to replace the Rabid Rinos on the Republican National Committee and to defeat the totally deceitful Democrat Party. I am proud to Endorse Laurel Imer for Colorado Republican National Committeewoman!"


Gage West

Iowa Republican Political Operative

"Laurel is an exceptional candidate for the Republican National Committeewoman for Colorado. With her strong leadership skills, dedication, and passion for Republican values, Laurel is the perfect choice to represent and advocate for Republicans across Colorado. Her ability to inspire and unite others is truly remarkable. Laurel’s vision for a prosperous future, focusing on economic growth, individual liberty, and conservative principles, resonates with the core values of the Republican party.


She possess the necessary experience and knowledge to navigate the complex political landscape, making informed decisions that will benefit all Republicans in Colorado. Laurel’s commitment to inclusivity and fostering a diverse community within the Republican party is commendable, ensuring that every voice is heard and represented. Her unwavering dedication to upholding conservative principles and advocating for the rights and interests of Republicans makes her the ideal candidate for the Republican National Committeewoman of Colorado. Let's rally behind Laurel and support her campaign to lead Republicans in Colorado towards a brighter future!"

Rick Castor

Chairman, Fremont County Colorado Republican Party

"I met Laurel when she was running for CD7 Representative and was truly impressed with her positive attitude and her willingness to work hard for the party. 


I nominated Laurel for the position of CD7 Representative to the COGOP.  She is doing a good job there and I believe she will do a great job as the Representative to the RNC for Colorado. 

I, therefore, am endorsing Laurel Imer for the position of Republican National Committeewoman for Colorado!"

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Jack & Jean Canterbury

Chairman, Custer County Colorado Republican Party

"We first got to know Laurel while she was campaigning to be our Representative for Congressional District 7. I had met Laurel at some CD 7 committee meetings but never got to know her until her campaign. Since then, Jean and I have been to several functions that Laurel also attended. She has always carried herself with dignity and confidence. She is well-spoken, and you know immediately that she truly cares about our country and has a passion for preserving our freedoms.

In this effort, she has a very strong sense of what real Americans want and is committed to seeing that the Republican Party of Colorado listens to its membership and will be a true advocate for the people on the national level. 

Without hesitation, we STRONGLY recommend that everyone vote for Laurel Imer to be the next Colorado Republican National Committeewoman!"

Kaarl Hoopes

Lincoln Club of Colorado, Board Member and
Vice Chairman CO-08 Central Committee

"I believe that Laurel Imer will be an outstanding National Committeewomen.   She is energetic, positive, America first and a long time committed Republican. 

Laurel Imer has my full support for Republican National Committeewoman of Colorado!"

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Mark Baisley

State Senator Colorado SD-04, Fmr. State Representative Colorado HD-39

"The 2024 election season will be pivotal as will Colorado’s role among the 50 states. Our leadership representation within the national party makes an enormous difference in the decisions that the RNC makes. We owe it to ourselves to choose a reliable, clear conservative voice to reflect our Western values. That is why I endorse Laurel Imer to become the National Committeewoman for the Colorado Republican Committee. I hope that you will join me in voting for Laurel."

Brandi Bradley

State Representative Colorado HD-39

“Since I entered the political arena in 2020 when I ran for House District 39, Laurel was right there supporting me in my efforts to represent Colorado in the State Legislature. Laurel has always been a strong voice for conservative values and principles. We stood together in the effort to Opt Out of the unconstitutional Open Primary in Colorado and have been unified in our efforts to Save Colorado from the radical left. I am proud to stand with Laurel as she runs to represent the entire state of Colorado on the Republican National Committee. I am honored to endorse Laurel for this position and I ask that you join me in supporting her to be the next Republican National Committeewoman for Colorado!”


Glant Havenar

Mayor, The Town of Palmer Lake, CO

“Laurel Imer brings much-needed conservative values to the GOP.


Coloradoans like me are beyond ready for our leaders to stick to the party platform, stop bowing to the left’s destructive policies, and protect our families from the awful laws being written at the Capitol.


It is time to close the primaries, elect strong conservatives, and take back Colorado. I know Laurel Imer will work hard to do just that, and I therefore lend her my proud support and endorsement to be the next Republican National Committeewoman of Colorado!”

Weston Imer

Member, Republican National Committee Youth Advisory Council, Fmr. Trump Campaign Staffer and Surrogate

"The Republican National Committee is in need of new blood. New voices that do not march to the drum of the establishment that has led us to loss after loss over the past several elections. It is time for bright ideas and a new voice. I am proud to endorse my mom Laurel Imer for National Committeewoman to the RNC from Colorado. She is what the RNC needs!"

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Amy Olivier

Executive Director, MAGA Trump Colorado & Fmr. President and National Committeewoman for the Colorado Young Republicans

"I enthusiastically offer my support and endorsement of Laurel Imer as the Colorado GOP National Committeewoman.

Laurel brings a fresh perspective and vision for this role I know is imperative. I’m grateful

for our current member’s service. However, we’ve seen the outcomes of the past few

years. It’s often hard to recognize the RNC these days. We ABSOLUTELY need Laurel

in this seat to advocate for Colorado, for our caucuses, and for the innovation we MUST

bring to our State Party. Laurel has the dedication and backbone to accomplish all of this and more! I call on all SCC Grassroots Republicans to refuse the status quo and vote for Laurel Imer for Colorado Republican National Committeewoman."

BJ Nikkel

Fmr. State Representative HD-49,

Fmr. Majority Whip Colorado House GOP

"I have known Laurel Imer for nearly a decade after first meeting her when I served as Colorado Co-Chair for Donald J. Trump's Presidential Campaign.  When I met her I immediately knew Laurel was a woman of action and a change-maker, so I invited her to be Jefferson County Chairman for “Women for Trump.”   Laurel worked tirelessly as she does in everything, to support President Trump.  She is unafraid of challenges and her tenacity, and ability to truly make a difference is why I admire Laurel so much!  That is why I support Laurel Imer in her run for Colorado's Republican National Committeewoman and I hope you'll join me in doing so, too!"


Darcy Shoening

Fmr. Trustee at the Town of Monument Board of Trustees, Fmr. Leader of Moms for Liberty - El Paso County, CO

"It’s time for a change, and it’s time to stop doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results. I believe Laurel Imer will bring much-needed change to the Republican National Committee, as she will support closing our primaries and electing candidates who support the GOP platform. I trust that Laurel will help lead our party in the right direction. Join me in moving in a new direction, and vote for Laurel Imer for Colorado's Republican National Committeewoman."

Ramey Johnson

Former State Representative and Former Member of the Lakewood City Council

"I stand with Laurel Imer because she is a woman of determination, “grit” and a tireless campaigner.  Laurel will never back down or compromise her beliefs, values, or principles. She has been working tirelessly to turn Colorado to the Republican side of the aisle.  Laurel has solid Republican credentials and isn’t afraid of the hard work it will take to have the district actually represented.  Laurel has the ability, energy, motivation, and strength of character.  She isn’t afraid to stand up to anything or anybody.   No one can bully her."

Walt and Ramey (1).jpg

Julie Hayden

Host of The Chuck and Julie Show
Emmy award-winning Colorado Journalist

"I enthusiastically endorse Laurel Imer for the position of RNC Committee member for Colorado. I’ve known her for years and have witnessed her unwavering dedication to grassroots Republicans.  Laurel has been a warrior in the fight to save our nation and our state.  Too many political leaders tell us what we want to hear and then change their tune and betray us once elected.  Not Laurel Imer.  Her politics are based on solid conservative values, and we can trust her to stay the course.  We need honest, principled voices like hers in GOP leadership roles.  It is worth noting that Chuck is a strong admirer of Laurel but since he is on the Colorado GOP executive Committee with both Laurel and the current RNC Committee woman he can’t give an endorsement in this race."

Colorado Teens For Trump

"Young Republicans have been left behind by the Republican Party for years. However, Laurel Imer has made it a point to involve the Youth in her campaigns for years. We believe that she will be a strong voice for Gen Z and the next generation on the Republican National Committee."

JLC Logo--Professional.jpg

Jeffco Liberty Coalition

"The Jeffco Liberty Coalition represents Tea Party groups within Jefferson County, Colorado.  We promote the Tea Party principles of fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government, and free markets. The Jeffco Liberty Coalition commissioned a survey of our members to determine whether our members support or do not support endorsing Laurel Imer as a candidate for Republican National Committeewoman of Colorado.


Laurel’s record on the issues as a Constitutional conservative is solid and well-documented. She has publicly opposed the current open primary election process in Colorado and is in favor of the state party opting out of this system.


The results of the survey are in:

By a majority of 89% YES responses to 11% NO responses, the members of the Jeffco Liberty Coalition have shown overwhelming support of Laurel Imer’s candidacy for the Colorado GOP National Committeewoman. It is evident the Jeffco Liberty Coalition has the trust and confidence that Laurel will carry our Tea Party voice to the national party meetings and subsequent votes. We look forward to her victory!"

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