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Endorsement Announcement, Stephen (Steve) Barlock


Laurel Imer for Congress Press Office

(720) 248-7639 ext. 2


Laurel Imer for Congress is thrilled to announce that Stephen (Steve) Barlock, Former Trump Campaign official and 2018 Republican Candidate for Colorado Governor has endorsed Laurel Imer for US Congress in District 7! Read his full statement below:

“Dear Republicans, Republican Political Supporters, and Independent Freedom-loving Coloradoans,

It is my honor to endorse Laurel Imer for Congress. As a fellow Chair for the 2016 Trump Campaign, that brought our party back into the political fight, I witnessed the truth-loving fight and tenacity of this Colorado and CD7 Native.

Laurel stands for:

· Our Great Centennial State and our Country.

· Representing our American flag.

· Fighting for our individual freedoms.

· The fight to raise our families the way we choose.

· Respecting and learning from our history and the symbols of the past, be they good or bad.

· Pursuing our own versions of happiness.

Her eyes are opened, and her goals are true and just. She fights for each individual who demands the freedoms that our Founding Fathers were willing to die for and enabled the building of this great county, that so many want to be part of. She will fight for the science of this Great American Experiment and will not be corrupted by Global powers for failure.

Laurel is America First and will never fall to a Global Cabal of Sunshine Republicans and Marxist Democrats. Her eyes are wide open, and she has taken names of the Corrupt Backstabbing Globalist Ticks of the big tent we are part of. She understands the loyalties to the party of the past and their failings. She will fight the Global reset pushed by the Bush Cartel and she will continue to fight to dismantle its foundations. She will tear down the great curtain facade of the UN, NATO, and the WHO. She will never validate the Craven Sunshine Republican groups like the Lincoln Project. She will continue to Drain the Swamp in DC. She will support the sovereign will of Our Great American Republic and will never accept the fake manufactured consent of the Elitist Media and their cronies in the corrupt pyramid scheme of Globalism.

She will stay true to her Goals for the Individual, that we may always obtain our own versions of Happiness.

Fight for your Freedom and Vote Laurel Imer for Congress! God Bless our Great Centennial State and God Bless America!”

-- Stephen (Steve) Barlock

Former Candidate for Governor of Colorado, Colorado Republican Presidential Elector, Two-time National Republican Delegate for Colorado, Colorado Republican Bonus Member, Former Chair of the Denver County Trump Campaign for Colorado, Leader of Denver for Trump, Fifth Generation Coloradoan, and an Independent Businessman.

Laurel’s statement on this endorsement is as follows:

“I am honored and thrilled to have received the endorsement of my good friend Steve Barlock. Steve and I have worked together for several years whether it were on President Trump’s campaigns or his own. We have stood side by side in Colorado, on the front lines, fighting for the America First movement and the message of a brighter and more prosperous Colorado for all. Steve and I will continue to fight for Colorado now on the mission of keeping CD7 out of the hands of the radical left and the GOP swamp.”

To see the full list of endorsements of Laurel, visit

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