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Mr. Smith Goes to Washington/Filibuster info

Here is the link to the video that Laurel showed at the Save The Filibuster event on Saturday.

Here is the Contact information for your Colorado Senators.

Senator Michael Bennet

CO: 303-455-7600

DC: 202-224-5852

Senator John Hickenlooper

CO: 303-244-1628

DC: 202-224-5941

When calling your Senators say something like the following:

Hello, Senator (Bennet or Hickenlooper)'s office. My Name is (your name), and I am a constituent in Colorado. I am calling today to encourage the Senator to vote no on ending the filibuster. The Filibuster is one of the pillars of our legislative process and it should not be removed. Please listen to your constituents whom you represent and keep the filibuster!

Thank you and have a nice day!

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