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PRESS RELEASE: State Senator Mark Baisley announces Endorsement of Laurel Imer



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Golden, CO -- Colorado State Senator for the 4th District, Senator Mark Baisley, Representing the Counties of Chaffee, Custer, Douglas, Fremont, Jefferson, Lake, Park and Teller has endorsed Laurel Imer in her run for Republican National Committeewoman of Colorado.

This endorsement comes after she has received over 15 other endorsements from prominent Republican figures across Colorado.

Senator Mark Baisley, said in a statement:

"The 2024 election season will be pivotal as will Colorado’s role among the 50 states. Our leadership representation within the national party makes an enormous difference in the decisions that the RNC makes. We owe it to ourselves to choose a reliable, clear conservative voice to reflect our Western values. That is why I endorse Laurel Imer to become the National Committeewoman for the Colorado Republican Committee. I hope that you will join me in voting for Laurel."

Weston Imer, Sr. Advisor to Laurel Imer said in a statement:

"Senator Baisley has been a conservative stalwart in both the State House and now the State Senate for many years. He has given his all to serving the people of Colorado and they have put their faith in him to lead them, now he has put his faith in Laurel to lead the RNC back to patriotism and has chosen to back her publicly in this race. We thank Senator Baisley for his support and we are looking forward to working with him in the future! The Senator's endorsement marks the 18th endorsement of Laurel Imer in this race, it is clear that Colorado wants new leadership in the office of Committeewoman and it is abundantly clear that they want that leader to be Laurel Imer."


  1. Dr. Kelli Ward, Fmr Chair of the AZ GOP

  2. Fmr. Congressman Tom Tancredo, CO-06

  3. Mr. Dick Heller, Names plaintiff Heller V. DC Supreme Court Case

  4. Mr. Gage West, Iowa Political Operative

  5. Mr. Rick Castor, Chair of Fremont County, CO GOP

  6. Mr. and Mrs. Jack and Jean Canterbury, Fmr. Chairman of Custer County, CO GOP

  7. Mr. Kaarl Hoopes, Vice Chairman of CO-08 GOP Central Committee, Member of the Board at the Lincoln Club of Colorado

  8. Rep. Brandi Bradley (R), State Rep. CO HD-39

  9. Mayor Glant Havenar (R), Mayor of Palmer Lake, CO

  10. Mr. Weston D. Imer, Member of the Republican National Committee's Youth Advisory Council

  11. Ms. Amy Olivier, Executive Director of MAGA Trump Colorado

  12. Rep. BJ Nikkel (R), Fmr. State Rep. CO HD-49 and Fmr. Majority Whip for the Colorado House GOP

  13. Ms. Darcy Shoening, Fmr. Leader of Moms For Liberty El Paso County, CO and Fmr. Trustee at The Town of Monument, CO

  14. The Honorable Ramey Johnson (R), Fmr. Lakewood, CO City Councilwoman, and Fmr. State Rep.

  15. Ms. Julie Hayden, Emmy Award Winning Journalist, Co-Host of the Chuck and Julie Show

  16. Colorado Teens For Trump

  17. Jefferson County Liberty Coalition, 3 Tea Party Groups in Jefferson County, CO.


About Laurel Imer:

Laurel Imer is a candidate for Colorado's Republican National Committeewoman! Most recently she was a candidate for the Republican nomination in CO-07 in 2022.

In 2020 Laurel was hand-picked by President Donald J. Trump and his team to be his delegate to the Republican National Convention for Congressional District 7. Also during the 2020 election cycle, Laurel ran for Colorado's House District 24 as the Republican Nominee against incumbent Monica Duran (D). Laurel has been a small business owner, worked in sales, marketing, and advertising, been a Teacher’s Aide and volunteer in private Christian education, volunteered for several years in the Ladies Auxiliary of the VFW, and is a grassroots political activist.

Laurel served as Jefferson County Chair for the Donald Trump Campaign in 2016. Laurel was also picked by President Trump and his team to be one of Colorado's 9 Republican Presidential Electors at the Electoral College for the 2016 Presidential Election. Due to the loss of Colorado, she was never able to cast her vote at the Electoral College. Laurel was born and raised in Golden, Colorado, and has one son, Weston Imer, who is 19 years old.

Laurel worked part-time as a Clinic Manager at a Pre-Employment solutions company that was forced to close due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. When not working Laurel home-schooled her son Weston who graduated in November of 2020. Laurel now works as an Administrative Assistant for a local financial firm in Lakewood, CO.

During her 2022 campaign for Congress Laurel ran to align local and federal issues in education and school choice, immigration, infrastructure, and economic growth, capitalizing on the success of President Trump’s America First Policies. Her ultimate goal was to Put America First once again and continue to provide prosperity and stability to the American People.

Laurel currently is active within the party structure where she serves as a Precinct Captain for State House District 27, and State Senate District 22 and a Bonus Member on the Congressional District 7 Central Committee, State GOP Central Committee and is the Congressional District 7 Representative to the Colorado GOP Executive Committee which serves as a guiding body for the Colorado GOP.

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